About “plaisir”: super-carbonated water system

First class natural treatment

Dual action of high concentration carbonated water and micro bubbles

"plaisir": super-carbonated water system especially for pets. Easy to use, just connect with a shower hose, also maintenance-free with single-pass system. It promotes a healthier life for your pets through the dual action of high concentration carbonated water and micro bubbles. It removes excessive oil and moisturizes the skin for healthy hair.

  • Activates metabolism and improves blood circulation of the body for healthy hair!
  • Improves skin conditions.
  • Widely used among breeders, grooming salons, and veterinary clinics.
Best solution


  • Just turn a faucet to get carbonated water with micro bubbles.
  • Simply connect your existing shower hose.
  • 1,000 ppm CO2 concentration through new technology!
  • Economical as it drastically reduces consumption of CO2 gas!
  • Maintenance-free with single-pass system! Hygienic and easy to clean!

What makes plaisir so amazing!

"plaisir" comprises a highly efficient integrated pump and solution tank. Few carbonated water devices have pumps, and that makes a huge difference in their performance.

The role of the pump is to produce highly concentrated carbonated water by stabilizing the water pressure. As only highly concentrated carbonated water can achieve the very best in grooming results; often going beyond the cosmetic effects, to alleviate numerous 'skin conditions', which have recently become major focuses of the grooming industry.

Our products please dogs, dog owners and salons, and that’s why our customers’ repeat rate exceeds 85%.

Carbonated water has long been used in Europe, as a treatment for lifestyle-related diseases.

"plaisir" is a highly technical product that can replicate water carbonation levels found in nature.

The demand for this kind of treatment is expected to increase further in the future.


SODA SPAS –Benefits of bathing in carbonated water.

  1. Carbonated gas promotes blood circulation.
  2. Improves blood flow and increases supply of oxygen.
  3. Helps skin cells absorb more oxygen.
  4. Activates metabolism of skin cells.
  5. Improves exfoliation and aids waste removal. (detoxification).

Beauty Treatment Benefits – Brings smooth skin and shiny hair

  • Mildly acidic (pH 4.5) gentle to skin, with excellent moisturizing effects!
  • Hair becomes smooth and moisturized. Conditioning treatments are unnecessary!
  • Cleanses excessive oil from hair roots, and reduces pet odors!

Health Treatment Benefits – Gently alleviates many skin conditions!
Lessens the burden on older dogs’ hearts when grooming.

  • Promotes capillary blood circulation more than ordinary warm water, improving blood flow!
  • Gently activates metabolism of skin cells!
  • Keeps skin healthy through enhancing exfoliation and waste removal.

About ‘Carbonated Hot Springs’

‘Carbonated Hot Springs’ contain hot water with high concentrations of dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and are also called ‘Soda Baths.’According to Japan’s Hot Spring Regulations, hot water with over 0.25 g (250 ppm) CO2 per liter, and is defined as carbonated water. ‘High concentration carbonated hot springs’ contain over 1g (1,000 ppm) CO2 per liter. In Europe, Soda Baths are used as medical treatments and rehabilitation for conditions such as lifestyle-related diseases covered by insurance.

It’s been proved that “Carbonated Hot Springs” have distinct medical benefits compared to those of other hot springs, as they are used to treat a range of medical conditions including diabetes in Japan’s 500 national and public hospitals.
Hands or feet are covered with numerous fine bubbles after being immersed in the carbonated water. 4-5 mins later, skin reddens indicating improvement of blood circulation.

Fine bubbles in the carbonated water stick to the body creating a sensation like bathing in a 'fizzy drink'.
Also because the sensation of temperature even in tepid water is 2-3 degrees higher than the actual temperature, it enables longer soaking times at lower temperatures. Warmth remains for longer periods after bathing as the body is heated to the core.

About the benefits of carbonated water

Merits of "plaisir" our super-carbonated water system

High-grade natural treatment
Carbonated water helps keep dogs healthy.

Expands the blood capillaries more than ordinary hot water, dramatically increases the volume of capillary blood flow.
Improves capillary blood circulation, activates metabolism of skin cells.
Lessens the burden on older dogs’ hearts when bathing.
Moist, silky hair and smooth skin, conditioning treatments are unnecessary!
Suppresses propagation of germs and alleviates a variety of skin conditions due to the gently acidic pH value.

The Meaning of "plaisir"

The word “plaisir” means "pleasure" in French.

You will be sure to feel "pleasure" when your dog is relieved from various stresses such as skin conditions and joint pain. Groomers will be pleased to see that you and your dog are happy.
In such ways “plaisir” brings everyone pleasure.

The meaning of plaisir


Type/Name PS-501 For carbonated water only PS-801B (Dual function model) For carbonated water
and micro bubbles
plaisir PS501 PS801
Appearance Dimensions H 410 mm × W 374 mm × 207 mm H 410 mm × W 374 mm × 207 mm
Weight 11 kg 11.5 kg
Rating Power AC100 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 450 W (during operation) 7 W (standby)
Operation button Carbonated water Carbonated water, Micro bubbles
Carbonated water concentration 1,000 ppm or more
Accessories CO2 pressure reducer, CO2 tube, wrench, nipple
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