Voice of Our Customer Salons

we will certainly keep on using this product!

  • One of my customer’s dogs had been suffering from itchiness for eight years. After bathing with the carbonated water, he looks completely healthy and is not itchy anymore! The carbonated water gives great joy not only to the dog, but also to the owner. I had previously tried so many different ways to improve the condition. The results are amazing. We will certainly keep on using this product!

    USA / Ms. Stephanie C.

This really is the best product for pet groomers!

  • As a pet groomer, I had been suffering terribly from dry and chapped skin on my hands from using normal water and shampoos. Amazingly, after using the carbonated water, the inflammation and the pain had completely disappeared by the following day. I have now almost forgotten how painful and sore my rough hands used to be. Today, I am happy my hands are soft and smooth. THIS REALLY IS THE BEST PRODUCT FOR PET GROOMERS!

    Canada / Mr. Quincy J.

Over 90% of our customers are satisfied!

  • I have found that this carbonated water helps to loosen knots and tangles, makes hair softer and effectively reduces trimming times. It’s also been effective for alleviating a number of skin conditions including; eczema, dandruff and dry skin. It has improved unpleasant odors and seems to repel dirt. Our customers have been impressed that this Super-carbonated water treatment really makes the grooming last longer. Over 90% of our customers are satisfied and keep returning for further treatments with the Super-carbonated Water System.

    Jumi’s World in Sendai city, Japan / Ms. Yumiko N.

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